Cloq offers access to nano-credit to low-income entrepreneurs in order to build a sustainable credit history and (re-)integrate them into the financial system


Credit-score model

Our clientele cannot provide enough, if any, financial data to evaluate their credit worthiness. We built a credit model that evaluates clients based on behavior and reliability, instead of only financial data.


Legal loans for our clients usually only start at multiple times the amount they require. We provide nano-loans that meet clients’ needs, starting from USD 25, at lower interest rates than their alternatives.


We combine tech innovation with the principles of microcredit to reach the group of clients that is either ignored or exploited. We want to include the low-income population in the formal credit system.


We build mutual trust by encouraging people to educate themselves, which allows them to take better financial decisions. By doing that, we aim to build a long-lasting relationship in which our clients improve their own lives and we can provide financial support in that process.

We at CloQ experienced first handedly the impact of financial exclusion. When loan sharks are the only available option, people get into a dangerous debt-fuelled cycle from which it is difficult to escape. CloQ is the affordable and legal alternative for the lower-income and unbanked population.


How CloQ works

No Bureaucracy

Our main competitors are loan sharks down the street. This means that clients can literally walk outside or make a phone call in order to receive a loan. The process from downloading the app to requesting their first loan takes 7 minutes, and sequential loans can be requested within one minute. We leverage e-wallets in order to transfer money to our clients and receive it back, which both gives us access to the unbanked population and cuts down on transfer fees.

Options that fit

The maximum a new client can initially request is quite low (roughly USD 25 equivalent), but this increases as they build a positive track record (up to USD 150). This way we can grow with their needs and reduce risk. At the same time we offer flexible repayment terms to better match their personal life


Given the notional amount of the loans, scalability and low cost are key in order to have a successful setup. By using our app as our main form of communication with the client we can scale drastically without a significant increase in overhead.

Keeping defaults low

We leverage AI and a credit model based on non-financial data to make sure we can trust our clients to repay. On top of that, we keep our process lean and simple, so that CloQ is simply the best option for them, which creates a long-lasting relationship. Finally we use the most successful part of microcredit, the social connection, to use the strength of communities to keep defaults low.

Impact of CloQ


CloQ empowers women

In rural areas

You just need a phone with internet

Financial education

CloQ breaks the circle of indebtedness


Communities make individuals stronger

In the city

Cheaper and better form of credit

Financial inclusion

We serve underbanked

Customer experience

Our Clients
Mário (SME entrepreneur)

“It is incredible, CloQ helped when nobody else wanted to because I don’t have a perfect credit score. I am really happy to be your client and thank you for helping me”

Our Clients
Rosiane (SME entrepreneur)

“You are the only ones that trusted me when I needed the most. Now my business is growing”

Our Clients
Edvan Luiz

“It came to facilitate our lives! A great option to get credit, it was easy to use and has no bureaucracy.”

Supported by the best

“CloQ is selected to be part of the equity-free SEED program from Start-UP Chile, one of the biggest and most diverse startup communities world wide”

“CloQ was part of the Finance Forward Latam 2019 program by Village Capital, the largest organization in the world supporting impact-driven, seed-stage startups”

“CloQ is recognized by the UN SDSN as a youth-led project that is accelerating global progress on the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”

“The Cartier Women's Initiative is an annual international entrepreneurship programme that aims to drive change”

“CloQ was selected to join the Google for Startups Startup Advisor: SDG program!”

“CloQ's development, results and impact was reviewed by a team of experts from United Nations entities and is now in the UN online database of SDG good practices that are addressing the 17 SDGs”

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